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file WISC-IV_GAI_Index_V2.xls
WISC-IV General Ability Index (GAI) Utility
This tool allows the user to derive scores relevant to the General Ability Index (GAI). The GAI is a composite score that is based on 3 Verbal Comprehension and 3 Perceptual Reasoning subtests, and does not include the Working Memory or Processing Speed subtests included in the Full Scale IQ (FSIQ).

Excel 2003: In a blank Excel sheet. Please set Excel Macro security level to LOW, as it will prompt for a password if this is not done. This is done in Excel by clicking on Tools | Macro | Security

Excel 2007/2010: Please open the WISC-IV GAI. On the Developer tab, in the Code group, click Macro Security. Select “Enable all macros”
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file WISCIVTechReport4.pdf
WISC–IV Technical Report #4
Detailed information about the GAI is available in the WISC–IV Technical Report #4 (Raiford, Weiss, Rolfhus, & Coalson, 2005). It is recommended that practitioners read the technical report thoroughly before using this tool.
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